The International Journal of Medical and Exercise Science (IJMAES) is a portal that includes the articles/ scientific papers of multidisciplinary area in medical and exercise science from all countries in the world. This journal is indented to promote human health by providing advanced knowledge to the society by publishing latest reports of investigations by qualified academic and clinical research practitioners from all relevant established disciplines. This can share the information on advanced research outcomes of latest development in the field of medical and exercise science.

IJMAES is devoted to publish articles, researches and case reports of graduates, post graduates and doctorate programs of all medical and exercise science related field from individuals and universities of all countries in the world. The scientific papers can be included Medical, Ayurveda (Indian medicine), Homeopathy, Alternative Medicine, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Pharmacy, Nursing, Radiography and all related Para Medical Sciences. The articles and researches with the purpose of educating the public and serving the society are welcomed to publish their inventions through this journal.